Gas station down and you’re out of fuel…..


An owner of an unattended gas station receives inquiries from his customers that it's not possible to refuel at the station. For the owner, this is difficult to troubleshoot. Technical assistance are two hours drive away. How do we help the owner? (illustration photo)



– Morten M. Karlsen

Telefon: 48134487

How do we troubleshoot?

Since we have many customers all over Norway, we also have other installations in the same area where the gas station owner is experiencing problems. We do an analyse and find that others also experiences instability. This may indicate that there is a common fault in the telecommunications network.

We report a error message to the ISP and inform our customer that it’s not necessary to take further action. The customer has saved time and the costs associated with an unnecessary emergency call.

When the  error is corrected, we contact the customer to confirm that the station is up and running again.
As easy as it can get!

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