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Vi har satt sammen kommunikasjonsløsninger for mange bransjer. Med Nettec som samarbeidspartner får dere ett kontaktpunkt for support. I tillegg så gir vi dere verktøyene for å kunne fjernstyre og overvåke endepunkter. Jobber du i en av bransjene nevnt under, kan vi gi deg en kommunikasjonsløsning som både er velprøvd og kvalitetssikret.



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Digital Signage / Info sreens

Connect with confidence … without a network cable. Many customers are very restrictive when it comes to who they allow to get access to their network. With our solution we set up communication for info screens / digital signage, without involving us in the customer’s network. Two major advantages of this solution are that you do not depend on the customer’s network (when changes are made), and that this solution becomes considerably easier to set up, and relocate if necessary.

Gas stations and fueling systems

Here we deliver solutions either on broadband or via a 4G solution. Both solutions are delivered in a private network. For those who depend on operation 24/7/365 we set up a redundant with automatic failover if the broadband or broadband router are down. We also have many sites where we have two 4G routers, with two different operators. This works the same as broadband / 4G router. In addition, we provide home office solutions for access to cameras and remote control.


For this industry, it is important to be able to handle WiFi for customers, the ticketing system and GPS positioning. To have a well-functioning WiFi, it is important to use a router that can hold on to two base stations at the same time. We also supply SIM card in a private APN for secure communication between driver’s Pads / hand terminals towards central resources.


Here we provide communication between stores and head office, payment services, coordination with POS vendors, backup for broadband and broadband routers, VPN routers for use on 3rd party broadband lines, monitoring tool that gives status of all stores, also possible to monitor units in customers LAN. We also provide home office solution for access to accounting systems, surveillance cameras, etc.

Automation / Installation / Security

These industries use our products for a variety of applications. For example, communication for security systems for performing tasks such as access control change, retrieval of surveillance videos, alarm transmission, etc. Within automation, we provide communication for managing PLCs. Sensors and alarm readings are also retriveable.  For critical installations and SD systems, we also supply redundant lines.

Fish farm

Fish farming facilities are often located in places where mobile network is the only communication carrier. For such systems we provide high speed broadband over 4G. The solution provides stable and fast internet for all components of the system that need access to the network, such as surveillance cameras and monitoring of feeding machines and aggregates.


Here we provide communication between the restaurant and head office, payment processing, coordination with POS vendors, backup for broadband and broadband routers,monitoring tool that gives status of all stores, also possible to monitor units in customers LAN.  Some want extra security and for these we supply duplicate lines, either as broadband + mobile or mobile + mobile.

Vending machines

Here we provide communications for handling payment processes and inventory management systems. This ensures efficient operation of the vending machines. The solution also ensures correct collection of alarms for power outages and other critical operating information.

Denne bransjeoversikten er laget for å gi deg en idé om hva vi gjør for våre kunder. Uavhengig av hvilken bransje du jobber i, kan vi sette sammen den kommunikasjonstjenesten dere ønsker.

We have made this Industry specific overview, to give ideas og how we solve communication for our customers. Regardless of which industry you work in, we can create the infrastructure you need for communication.

As easy as it can get!

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