Mobile Data Communication


The Mobile Network is used more and more for internet access. Often simply because it's more conventient or maybe as backup for traditional broadband or simply because there are no other alternatives. Whatever reason the mobile network is an excellent way of sending data with an ever improving technology with an increasing coverage area.



– Jan Erik Bjerkholt

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Nettec has based all our mobile data solutions on routers from Digi International ( The reason being they are advanced enough to solve the tasks thrown at them and robust enough to handle the environment in which they operate. Even the most demaning customer can accept the solutions.

Quite often the installation is located at sites where humans have difficult access for any maitenance or support. Hence the products must be durable and self healing should any problems arise. Therefor it is critical that the equipment is of high quality as well as the configuration is done correctly. This way we get fewer “man in the wan” to keep a network going for years.

If you experience instability and downtime with your Digi Mobile Routers please let us know as something must we wrong and we should be able to fix it!

Our solutions is supported by any mobile operator including LTE450 (ICE in Norway, Net1 in Sweden). There are hardly any places we can’t connect!


FlexiAPN – closed network for all purposes

– for companies that need to integrate IoT devices into their own network.

FlexiAPN provides a closed, encrypted network between mobile IoT devices and the company’s own network. It gives the devices direct access to the company’s internal network through a secure VPN tunnel. The advantage is great flexibility to meet connectivity, monitoring and security requirements.

Benefits of FlexiAPN:
  • Fixed or private IP addresses.
  • Closed and encryptet net for your business only
  • Possible to establish two way comminication
  • Traffic flow between clients (optional)
  • Only approved SIM cards have access to the network
  • Central controlling and monitoring the data traffic (additional)
  • Integration with external computer networks that need access to the IoT devices
Where to use:

FlexiAPN can be used with all types of mobile data communication. A closed FlexiAPN offers great benefits in troubleshooting and updates by allowing you to communicate directly with the devices without going through cloud services. The combination of “cloud” and “direct communication” provides the most robust solution. Feel free to ask us for advice for your application to find the best solution for your company.


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Forgot to order fixed wired broadband …

A customer calls us on Thursday because they forgot to order a broadband line to a new store. The store will open this coming Monday, and they are without a solution for data communication. An express delivery from a line supplier is very expensive. How do we fix it?

How do we help the customer?

We configure a 4G router, set it up with VPN for necessary sites, send the router with overnight express to user site. When the router is connected we assists the customer by phone,  so  the shop is ready for operation the day after.

This solution can either be obtained by the customer on short-term rental or we provide the solution as a backup solution for both broadband and broadband routes. If the router is delivered as a backup, it will act as the main communication line until a fixed line is delivered, and then automatically lower its priority and act as a redundant solution.
Smooth and easy!

Need help with a communication solution? Please call +47 66810640


Gas station down and you’re out of fuel…..

An owner of an unattended gas station receives inquiries from his customers that it's not possible to refuel at the station. For the owner, this is difficult to troubleshoot. Technical assistance are two hours drive away. How do we help the owner? (illustration photo)

How do we troubleshoot?

Since we have many customers all over Norway, we also have other installations in the same area where the gas station owner is experiencing problems. We do an analyse and find that others also experiences instability. This may indicate that there is a common fault in the telecommunications network.

We report a error message to the ISP and inform our customer that it’s not necessary to take further action. The customer has saved time and the costs associated with an unnecessary emergency call.

When the  error is corrected, we contact the customer to confirm that the station is up and running again.
As easy as it can get!

If you need help with a communication solution? Please call +47 66810640


SIM cards and data traffic

– Through agreements with international carriers, Nettec can offer customers complete solutions that also include the need for SIM cards and data traffic.

Nettec provides SIM cards and data traffic at very competitive prices. We are Carrier independent, so we don’t depend on coverage from one operator. We offer large and small data packages, from 5MB / month to 250GB / month.

The advantages of Nettec SIM cards:
  • Supports both Telenor, Telia, Com4 and ICE network
  • Nettec can provide better support due to better troubleshooting tools
  • Single point of contact
  • Can be combined with FlexiAPN, a closed, encrypted network
  • Nettec can support the entire communication solution end-to-end

Do you need help with a communication solution? Please call +47 66810640



Cloud solution for monitoring and control…

Nettec knows how important it is to have an overview of components in your computer network. To ensure efficient operation, it is essential to know what and when changes occur in the network. You can, for example. detect common errors when multiple routers crash at the same time. It can be quickly discovered that communication is up, but connected devices are not working. We save our customers a lot of frustration and unnecessary troubleshooting costs. We have two powerful cloud monitoring solutions for network monitoring: Doppler Management and PRTG Network Monitor.

Doppler Management is a cloud service to monitor and control Digi TransPort routers ( . It is especially designed to monitor and report vital data for a Digi router in a mobile network. It will allow you see signal strength, network information, location, software and hardware versions, and much more.
It is an important tool to keep your fleet of Digi routers up and running.

To increase security we recommend our customers to use 2-factor authentication.
Read more about Doppler Management here.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG gives you an overview of all your broadband lines, and you can easily see if the communication works or not, if something is wrong. PRTG also allows you to monitor points in the LAN. This makes it easier to troubleshoot / fix. With an app, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone, you have an overview of all your locations at any time.

Our monitoring services is supported by us and we can give advice and guidance on “best practice”

As easy as it can get!

If you need help with a communication solution? Please call +47 66810640


Communication for vessels

There is a huge demand for excellent datacommunication onboard vessels and ferries.

You can find Digi-routers delivered by Nettec onboard many vessels and ferries. Their main purpose is to provide communication for crew, officers and passengers.

Excellent coverage with 4G in “all channels”

Digi-routers supports 4G (LTE), and are carrier independent. This means you have excellent coverage in both Norway and the Nordic region. Many vessels combines a delivery with both ICE and Telenor/Telia to achieve the best coverage possible.

Feel free to contact us for advice on how to best utilize digi routers onboard vessels.


High performance cellular router with dual redundant communication for complex transportation systems and vessels

Digi TransPort® WR64 - Raw performance with 2 x LTE CAT11 and 2 x WiFi as well as GPS and Gigabit ethernet.

Ideal for challenging transportation and mobile environments, Digi WR64 is a dual cellular LTE-Advanced router with true enterprise class routing, security, firewall and integrated VPN. It offers a flexible interface design with an integrated Wi-Fi access point, USB, serial and 4-port Ethernet switch, as well as a variety of configuration options including GNSS and Bluetooth.

  • Segmented private vs. public data communication across dual 600 Mbps CAT11 cellular modules (Telenor, Telia, ICE (Gjelder ikke LTE450))
  • Supports 4G LTE Advanced (CAT11) og 3G
  • Video and vehicle data offload over 1.7 Gbps 802.11ac Wi-Fi backhaul
  • Dual Gigabit WiFi 802.11ac.
  • Passenger Wi-Fi over 867 Mbps 802.11ac access point
  • Future-built with powerful quad-core 1.91GHz, 64-bit CPU
  • Manage and control devices with Digi Remote Manager®, a web-based management tool
  • Extremely robust mobile connection via Digi’s patented “SureLink ™
  • Advanced routing protocols, security features, logging and backup (firewall, VPN, SNMP)
  • No annual licenses and 3 year warrantyDownload documentation (pdf).

Digi LR54- build for speed – up to 300Mbps!

Digi TransPort® LR54 - designed and built for the industry to achieve high standards of reliability and robustness.

The LR54 is built to take advantage from the speed of the LTE-Advanced – this means speed up to 300Mbps! It comes with 4 Gigabit ethernet ports, and wifi with Gigabit 802.11ac. It is solid in both embodiment and performance. DiGi Trustfence ensures the security. With the LR54, you can replace fixed connections such as fiber and xDSL, without compromising speed, security and performance – This opens up for a variety of applications.

  • Works in all Norwegian mobile networks (Telenor, Telia, ICE (Gjelder ikke LTE450))
  • Supports 4G LTE Advanced (CAT6) og 3G/2G
  • 4 x Gigabit ethernet ports
  • Optional Gigabit WiFi 802.11ac med dual 2.4 og 5GHz radio.
  • Seriell (RS232) Consoll-port.
  • Extremely robust mobile connection via Digi’s patented “SureLink ™
  • Advanced routing protocols, security features, logging and backup (firewall, VPN, SNMP)
  • No annual licenses and 3 year warranty
  • Cloud service with Doppler Management provides efficient deployment, management and monitoring

Download documentation (pdf).


Digital signage – reklameskjermer

Med produkter fra Digi sammen med vårt eget støttesystem, Doppler, kan Nettec tilby gode løsninger for Digital Signage - reklameskjermer.

Vet du at mange kunder benytter en 4G ruter for kommunikasjon til Digital Signage / Infoskjermer / Reklameskjermer?  Enklere blir det ikke!

En kommunikasjonsløsning fra Nettec er:
•Operatøruavhengig – fungerer med alle mobiloperatører
•Ferdig klargjort og konfigurert
•Svært lett å sette opp for tekniker på stedet
•Svært lett å håndtere for IT-drift – via Doppler Management

Fordeler med kommunikasjon via 4G
•Ingen involvering i kundens nett – et viktig sikkerhetsaspekt for mange
•Ikke sårbar når det gjøres endringer i kundens nett
•Mulighet for VPN ende-til-ende
•Brannmur på ruter kan regulere tilgang

Nettec AS – fordi ” det er viktig at det fungerer”
Nettec har basert alle sine mobile datakom-løsninger på rutere fra Digi International. Det er fordi produktene er avanserte nok til å løse utfordringene som møter våre kunder, og robuste nok til at selv de mest krevende kunder kan akseptere produktene.

Ofte er mobile løsninger plassert på steder der det ikke er mennesker tilstede for å gjøre vedlikehold, som f.eks. en restart. Derfor er det ekstra viktig at utstyret og oppsettet tar hensyn til at feil kan oppstå, men at installasjonen selv evner å komme tilbake på nett når feilen er utbedret.

Produkter som passer er Digi WR11XT og WR31. Les mer her.

Vi tilbyr pålitelige, integrerte og kosteffektive løsninger levert på dagen. Vi hjelper gjerne montører som skal sette opp skjermer ved å teste at alt fungerer, samt gi råd om plassering av antenner og hvilken operatør som passer på stedet. Dette gjør at montøren kan bli ferdig med jobben første gang, og slipper kostnadsdrivende ekstrabesøk for å ferdigstille installasjonen.

God dekning med 4G i “alle kanaler”

Digi-rutere kan leveres med støtte for 4G (LTE) både i Telia, Telenor, COM4  og ICE sine nettverk. Det betyr at man har uovertruffen dekning i hele Norden. Vi kan levere 2 SIM og aktivere det som passer på stedet når du trenger det.

Spør oss gjerne om råd for hvordan du best kan utnytte en Digi-ruter til reklame- og info-skjermer.


Industry-specific solutions

Vi har satt sammen kommunikasjonsløsninger for mange bransjer. Med Nettec som samarbeidspartner får dere ett kontaktpunkt for support. I tillegg så gir vi dere verktøyene for å kunne fjernstyre og overvåke endepunkter. Jobber du i en av bransjene nevnt under, kan vi gi deg en kommunikasjonsløsning som både er velprøvd og kvalitetssikret.

Digital Signage / Info sreens

Connect with confidence … without a network cable. Many customers are very restrictive when it comes to who they allow to get access to their network. With our solution we set up communication for info screens / digital signage, without involving us in the customer’s network. Two major advantages of this solution are that you do not depend on the customer’s network (when changes are made), and that this solution becomes considerably easier to set up, and relocate if necessary.

Gas stations and fueling systems

Here we deliver solutions either on broadband or via a 4G solution. Both solutions are delivered in a private network. For those who depend on operation 24/7/365 we set up a redundant with automatic failover if the broadband or broadband router are down. We also have many sites where we have two 4G routers, with two different operators. This works the same as broadband / 4G router. In addition, we provide home office solutions for access to cameras and remote control.


For this industry, it is important to be able to handle WiFi for customers, the ticketing system and GPS positioning. To have a well-functioning WiFi, it is important to use a router that can hold on to two base stations at the same time. We also supply SIM card in a private APN for secure communication between driver’s Pads / hand terminals towards central resources.


Here we provide communication between stores and head office, payment services, coordination with POS vendors, backup for broadband and broadband routers, VPN routers for use on 3rd party broadband lines, monitoring tool that gives status of all stores, also possible to monitor units in customers LAN. We also provide home office solution for access to accounting systems, surveillance cameras, etc.

Automation / Installation / Security

These industries use our products for a variety of applications. For example, communication for security systems for performing tasks such as access control change, retrieval of surveillance videos, alarm transmission, etc. Within automation, we provide communication for managing PLCs. Sensors and alarm readings are also retriveable.  For critical installations and SD systems, we also supply redundant lines.

Fish farm

Fish farming facilities are often located in places where mobile network is the only communication carrier. For such systems we provide high speed broadband over 4G. The solution provides stable and fast internet for all components of the system that need access to the network, such as surveillance cameras and monitoring of feeding machines and aggregates.


Here we provide communication between the restaurant and head office, payment processing, coordination with POS vendors, backup for broadband and broadband routers,monitoring tool that gives status of all stores, also possible to monitor units in customers LAN.  Some want extra security and for these we supply duplicate lines, either as broadband + mobile or mobile + mobile.

Vending machines

Here we provide communications for handling payment processes and inventory management systems. This ensures efficient operation of the vending machines. The solution also ensures correct collection of alarms for power outages and other critical operating information.

Denne bransjeoversikten er laget for å gi deg en idé om hva vi gjør for våre kunder. Uavhengig av hvilken bransje du jobber i, kan vi sette sammen den kommunikasjonstjenesten dere ønsker.

We have made this Industry specific overview, to give ideas og how we solve communication for our customers. Regardless of which industry you work in, we can create the infrastructure you need for communication.

As easy as it can get!

Please contact us,
Phone: +47  66810640 or

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