FlexiAPN – closed network for all purposes


– for companies that need to integrate IoT devices into their own network.



– Jan Erik Bjerkholt

Telefon: 66810645 / 47416610 jeb@nettec.no

FlexiAPN provides a closed, encrypted network between mobile IoT devices and the company’s own network. It gives the devices direct access to the company’s internal network through a secure VPN tunnel. The advantage is great flexibility to meet connectivity, monitoring and security requirements.

Benefits of FlexiAPN:
Where to use:

FlexiAPN can be used with all types of mobile data communication. A closed FlexiAPN offers great benefits in troubleshooting and updates by allowing you to communicate directly with the devices without going through cloud services. The combination of “cloud” and “direct communication” provides the most robust solution. Feel free to ask us for advice for your application to find the best solution for your company.


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