Forgot to order fixed wired broadband …


A customer calls us on Thursday because they forgot to order a broadband line to a new store. The store will open this coming Monday, and they are without a solution for data communication. An express delivery from a line supplier is very expensive. How do we fix it?



– Morten M. Karlsen

Telefon: 48134487

How do we help the customer?

We configure a 4G router, set it up with VPN for necessary sites, send the router with overnight express to user site. When the router is connected we assists the customer by phone,  so  the shop is ready for operation the day after.

This solution can either be obtained by the customer on short-term rental or we provide the solution as a backup solution for both broadband and broadband routes. If the router is delivered as a backup, it will act as the main communication line until a fixed line is delivered, and then automatically lower its priority and act as a redundant solution.
Smooth and easy!

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