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Nettec knows how important it is to have an overview of components in your computer network. To ensure efficient operation, it is essential to know what and when changes occur in the network. You can, for example. detect common errors when multiple routers crash at the same time. It can be quickly discovered that communication is up, but connected devices are not working. We save our customers a lot of frustration and unnecessary troubleshooting costs. We have two powerful cloud monitoring solutions for network monitoring: Doppler Management and PRTG Network Monitor.



– Jan Erik Bjerkholt

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Doppler Management is a cloud service to monitor and control Digi TransPort routers ( . It is especially designed to monitor and report vital data for a Digi router in a mobile network. It will allow you see signal strength, network information, location, software and hardware versions, and much more.
It is an important tool to keep your fleet of Digi routers up and running.

To increase security we recommend our customers to use 2-factor authentication.
Read more about Doppler Management here.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG gives you an overview of all your broadband lines, and you can easily see if the communication works or not, if something is wrong. PRTG also allows you to monitor points in the LAN. This makes it easier to troubleshoot / fix. With an app, which can be downloaded to your mobile phone, you have an overview of all your locations at any time.

Our monitoring services is supported by us and we can give advice and guidance on “best practice”

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