Cloud Radius Service with support for 2FA – Radler

Radler is our Cloud Radius Service with support for 2 factor authentication. Radler provides a managed RADIUS/ AAA access security solution in the Cloud. Radler can be integrated with your own firewall and lets you securely authenticate and control network access for all your users and devices.

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We’ve made security easy!

We have especially designed Radler to easily secure remore access to networks via SSL VPN using 2FA. Radler lets you invite, authorise and authenticate users into your network in an easy and efficient manner.

Radler can be set up on any firewall with support for IPSec and radius authentication. For security reasons we use an IPSec VPN tunnel between Radler and the customer’s firewall.

A customised invite link can be sent to all users who need to sign up for remote access. After a simple form is completed the user replies to the invite. The network  manager will then need to accept the request before the user can log into the network. A confirmation email is sent to the user containing detailed information on how to get started. The user’s access rights will be assigned depending on the group in which the user belongs.

Radler use Authy ( to accomodate Two-Factor Authentication to the end user. Authy is recommended to use for a variety of applications, including Gmail, facebook, Dropbox and more.

2FA login

2FA invite and registration

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If you have any questions or would like to evaluate our Cloud Radius Service please send an email to


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